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Honorary Certified Montessorian Educator Award

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Honorary CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator for Ms Lakshmi Kripalani :

In recognition of Lakshmi Kripalani's education and societal contribution, Montessorian World International conferred her the title, Honorary CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator on the December 4, 2010, Montclair, New Jersey, USA

Citation : Lakshmi Kripalani

LAKSHMI KRIPALANI was trained by and has worked with Dr. Maria Montessori and Mario Montessori. She was trained by Dr Maria Montessori in Karachi, India in 1946. During that time, Lakshmi carefully transcribed and recorded every word of her mentor's lectures by hand. Lakshmi was so careful and detailed with her records that Dr. Montessori took a special interest in her and recognised her deep understanding of Montessori work and asked her to
carry on the work in Karachi. Lakshmi Kripalani left India in 1962 and went to USA, and after completing the 1962-63 school year in Iowa, she went to Los Angeles to attend the modern era's second Montessori training course in the United States. She got the Certificate from American Montessori Society (AMS) and took it with her back to Iowa. Thus it was the beginning of her very remarkable Montessori career in USA where she worked as a teacher, teacher educator, head of school, and opened the Montessori Center of New Jersey teacher-training center in 1966 and later a consultant, and author. She was also there to witness the birth of AMS too.

She has pioneered many Montessori schools around the world. She has a Master of Art in Education from Seton Hall University.

She remains a loyal member of both AMS and Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Over the past twenty three years she has written a column for Public School Montessorian. A collection of her articles has recently been published as Montessori in Practice: Observations from a First Generation Montessorian.

Lakshmi Kripalani's meticulously copied lectures, all her notes, letters, numerous historic documents, and her original album are now housed at the AMS Archives at the Dodd Center in Storrs, CT.

In her last 70 years of dedication in promoting quality Montessori Education and service to the world community, Lakshmi Kripalani has received numerous awards. Her accomplishments include an International Peace award, Woman of the Year award and numerous other awards for recognition for her work. She received the Lifetime Achievement award from AMS in 2010 for her commitment and devotion to her work within and for the Montessori community.

Today, Montessorian World International recognizes her heartfelt contribution in Montessori Education and honour her with the highest Montessorian World International Award that is the Honorary CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator Award.