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Honorary Certified Montessorian Educator Award

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Honorary CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator for Mrs Meenakshi Sirvaramakrishnan :

In recognition of Meenakshi Sirvaramakrishnan's education and societal contribution, Montessorian World International conferred her the title, Honorary CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator on the 22nd November 2009 in Bangalore, India

Citation : Meenakshi Sirvaramakrishnan

Mrs Meenakshi Sivaramakrishnan is a renowned educator who is an acclaimed authority on the Montessori Method. For the past four decades she has enthusiastically and passionately promoted the Montessori Method of Education in India.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Art Degree from Banaras Hindu University. She obtained the AMI Diploma (primary) and the AMI Trainers Certificate from the Association Montessori Internationale, Amsterdam, Holland.

She began her Montessori career in 1966 as the Directress of the Chintana Montessori Home in Chennai. As a young wife and mother she had to juggle between the importance of a family and her determination to pursue her career in Montessori Education.

In 1977 she started work as a full-time course assistant with the Indian Montessori Training Courses and later served as an External Examiner for a period of 10 years. She was appointed the Associate Director of the Indian Montessori Training Courses (IMTC) in 1988 and assumed the position as Director of IMTC upon Mr.Swamy’s retirement in 1990.

Since then, she has fully committed herself to propagate the Montessori movement in India. She diligently conducted courses across India and developed the Directors’ training course and the Online Montessori Training Course for Indian Montessori Centre. She has also been actively involved and associated with different organisations, both locally and abroad.

She was credited for her passion to reach out to the local community. In order to benefit more people in India, she uses her acquired skills to write, edit and translate many Montessori related books to local languages.

Mrs Meenakshi is well respected in the community in view of her vast contributions in the society and towards Montessori education. She portrays the distinctive attributes of a Montessorian Educator, namely, in the Montessorian World’s terminology: Mind of a Scientist, Love of a Saint and Heart of a Servant.

Montessorian World International recognizes her heartfelt contribution in Montessori Education in India and pursuit of education service excellence.
Dr Maria Montessori conducted the first Montessori course in 1939 in India - the first country in Asia where Montessori Education began. In 2009, India celebrated 70 years of the arrival of Dr Montessori in the country. In the same year, Montessorian World International hosted its Inaugural Conference in Bangalore India to honour Mrs Meenakshi Sirvaramakrishnan with the Honorary CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator Award.