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Montessorian World International
for all montessorian and friends of montessorian is the unification platform for all montessorian and friends.

It is the world’s largest infrastructure of networked country-specific Montessori and Montessorian portals under one Global Learning Environment. Today, it interconnects communities in over 60 countries worldwide and 34 provinces / cities in China for learning and cooperative outreach for good.

 We established a global network with a shared knowledge management system for our members and strategic partners to work in synergy to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.


Our Distinction


Registered trademark of Montessorian World International for brand recognition. 

Our Value Proposition

Open Education and Fellowship
Montessorian World is open for participation worldwide by a set of consortium plan. 

All Certified Montessorian  are empowered to promote Montessorian World and its programs as their value added services. The scope of services will be allocated based on members’ competencies and their subscription plan. The plan provides the Privileges and Program for financial returns. 

Our Founder, Support and Sponsor

Montessorian World is founded by Dr A T Ong, Chairman / Founder of BPII Group.  The formation and development of Montessorian World International is fully sponsored by his organisation as an “Intellectual and Social Innovation” project to advance montessorian into a new era for a common good. It was officially launched in the centurial year of montessori education.