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New Education and Fellowship.


Montessorian World begins with honoring our pioneer educators.


Montessorian World International

Montessorian World International was reorganised in 2004 together with Montessori Teachers Training Asia Pte Ltd. It is now aligned with BPII Organisation and its online support system @ Qcircle.


Montessori. 100 years on. Montessorian

Global Education and Fellowship.

In the centurial year of Montessori Education, Montessorian World International (MWI) officially lunched Montessorian World Education and its online platform. Uniquely a unification hub for all Montessorians and friends worldwide. "Becoming Montessorian : Mind of a Scientist : Love of a Saint : Heart of a Servant " is a wholistic Model for Montessorian and Professional Development. The development process enshrines a new learning paradigm and is a value added extension to the traditional Montessori Education. 

Montessorian Fraternity and Partners.

All Education Service Providers and Learning Institutions including respectable international Montessori based associations and schools are welcome to be part of Montessorian World. MWI provides International Montessorian Certification for courses approved and accredited by member country's governmental authority. This allows both graduates and students from a Partners School or an allied education system to advance themselves with a new learning paradigm and have fellowship in the global environment.

The Honorary Certified Montessorian Educator (CMEd) Award


About the Award.

The Charter : "Montessorian World International in its “Montessori.100 years on. Montessorian” celebration has begun its journey around the world to recognize Montessorian Educators who have contributed to the advancement of Montessori Education and excellence in service, into its Honors’ Roll. The Honorary CMEd Award is the highest level of recognition within the Montessorian World. The recipient is honored for his/her sociogenetic endeavor and contribution to excellence in education service in his/her respective country."

Nomination for the Honour.

Montessori based education has been propagated around the globe for more than 100 years now. Many have passionately devoted themselves in the work among children and the betterment of Montessori education in their community or country and beyond into the world. They have contributed to the development of it for good in various ways. We will like to acknowledge their life work as exemplary model and as an inspiration for all to find nobility significance as a life educator.

If you like to nominate a person in your community or country, please submit your nomination to the Board of Montessorian World International. All nominations will be kept confidential until the nominated person is accepted by the Board and the Award has been finalized.

Honorary Certified Montessorian Educators Award Recipients

"...let them be the exemplary model and as an inspiration 

for all to find nobility significance as a life educator."


 Honorary CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator Award

for Mrs Phyllis Wallbank MBE.
held at Shanghai, China on 13 Oct 2007.


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CMEd_Award_ Meenakshi_300x222

 Honorary CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator Award

for Mrs Meenakshi Sivaramakrishnan
held at Bangalore India on 22 November 2009.


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CMEd_Award_ Lakshmi_300x222

Honorary CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator Award

for Ms Lakshmi Kripalani
held at New Jersey, USA on 4 December 2010.


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