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MWIlogoheadMontessorian World International own a large range of knowledge and online assets. It now brings about a new Montessorian World Education. Its online platform is easily recognized globally. "Becoming Montessorian - Mind of Scientist. Love of a Saint. Heart of Servant.™ " ; Montessorian TM - Teach Me Teach Myself ; Creation Child Learners and Achivers are copyrighted series of programs of Montessorian World International. 


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Montessorian World Induction Series

Handbook for Montessorian and Professional Development (2006 Edition)

Montessorian World Education : Pedagogy and Practice

Practice Notes and Papers.

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Becoming Montessorian Series

Becoming Montessorian (2006 Edition)

Montessorian World Education Manual for Teachers Training

Montessorian Education Course books for All (Volume 1 to 6)

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Montessori. Teaching Methods

Montessori.TM - Teach Me to Teach Myself Series (2007 Edition) 

Directed Montessorian Development Program for Teachers /Trainers 

(Volume 1 to 6 : and available online as Module Module 1 to 6)

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Montessorian. Mind Skills Series

Montessorian Mind Skill Developer & Activity Workbook

Advanced Montessorian Development Program for Principals / Educators 

(Volume 1 to 6 : and available online as Module Module 1 to 6)

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Montessorian World Children Series

Montessorian World Children Development (2007 Edition).

Creation Child : Montessorian-aided development Program for children 

Introductory Program book for teachers and parents

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Creation Child Learning Paradise

Learner and Achiever : Help Me to Help Myself Series.

Montessorian World Children's Club Activity Workbook

(Volume 1 to 6 : and available online as Module Module 1 to 6)

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Montessorian World Business Series

Montessorian Professional Practice & Start-ups

Montessorian World Education Management System

School Management and Development Manuals

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