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Montessorian World International holds the world's largest infrastructure of networked country-specific montessori and montessorian portals under one learning environment. Today, it interconnects communities in over 50 countries worldwide and 34 provinces/cities in China for learning and cooperative outreach for the good. It promotes Montessorian World Education and Fellowship.

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Montessorian World Education and Fellowship.  

All participants  @ Montessorian World are digitally connected to country specific domain to get started in their education pursuit and progress at their own pace. 

Students and graduate montessorians can apply to the fraternity as Affiliates and progress on @ Montession. All established Education Service Providers who share our vision are welcome to be part of Montessorian World in their delivery of their services and outreach for a common good.


Resources and Brand Affiliation.  

>> Easily recognised knowledge domain for international outreach.
>> Ready education plus business content
>> Rich keyword domain brand with ready marketplace.

Subscribe to a Registry Plan >>  Be affiliated with domain brand to create an immediate business. >> Advance to create a digital value chain a Partners Plan.

Members Partners can apply for sub domain for development and get a head start in business. 

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    Pre-requisites :

    >> Certified Montessorian Professional / Educator or Certified Montessorian’s sponsored firms
    >> Subscriber of a Partners Plan or
    >> Holder of a SG Ready Award or have completed a Globalisation Program with an Award Project File ready for a web development.

    Once the sub domain name is approved, you will be directed to an implementation process. You can activate the connection either by a self activation or an aided activation mode of your choice.

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