Montessorian World International holds a chain of strategic resources and domain assets for the advancement of Montessorian Education and Fellowship across the globe.

Networked Education  plus Business Portal : Montessorian World owns a chain of country-specific Montessorian and Montessori domain names under one mega infrastructure for development.

Brands and Trademarks  :   Montessorian World provides a series of international recognised domain brands and service trademarks for a common outreach under one knowledge management system.


Networked country-specific Montessorian Domains.

Montessorian World International holds the world’s largest infrastructure of networked country-specific Montessori and Montessorian domains under one Global Learning Environment. Today, it interconnects communities in over 60 countries worldwide and 34 provinces / cities in China for learning and cooperative outreach for good.

Product Brands and Service Channels.

“Becoming Montessorian™ ; CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator ™, and the logo “Montessorian™ ” are registered trademarks of Montessorian World International. Creation Child Learning Paradise™ and Montessorian World Children’s Club™ ‘s logos are registered trade marks of the companies by the same names.  We provide the trademarks, brands and service channels for the outreach.

Resources and Policy

Montessorian World International is a knowledge partner of BPII Organisation and adopts its Knowledge Ecosystem for growth @ Qcircle.  Participation is by subscription. 

All publications both prints and online, trade names and trade marks are properties of Montessorian World International and its use is subject to terms and conditions stipulated by Montessorian World International and its Membership Policy Statement.